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Description XDI20
Machine Max.rpm Max.rpm Main 8,000/Sub 8,000
  Max.turning diameter Ø20
  Stroke 210mm
Tool   Toolpost I O.D. tools 4
  Toolpost I Cross drill 4
  Toolpost II O.D. tools 2
  Toolpost II Front tools 4
  Toolpost II Cross drill 3
  Toolpost III Back driven tools 4
  Toolpost III Back fixed tools 4
NC   NC Hanwha Fanuc 31i-A
  Controllable Axes 9 Axes
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Additional Specifications
Description XDI20
Front Tool Max Tapping M M8
Max Drilling Ø 8mm
Cross Tool Max Tapping M M6
Max Drilling Ø 8mm
Max Slotting Width 1.5mm X Depth 4.0mm
Back Tool Max Drilling (Fixed) Ø10mm
Max Drilling (Driven) Ø8mm
Max Tapping (Fixed) M8
Max Tapping (Driven) M6
Main Spindle Motor RPM 8,000 rpm
Power 2.2/3.7 Kw
Sub Spindle Motor RPM 8,000 rpm
Power 2.2/3.7 Kw
Cross Tool Motor RPM 6,000 rpm
Power 1.0 Kw
Back Tool Motor RPM 6,000 rpm
Power 1.0 Kw
Lubricant Capacity 1.8L
Pump Motor 5w
Coolant Capacity 180L
Pump Motor 0.4Kw
Machine Weight 4,000 Kg
Size(LxWxH) 2,840 x 1,429 x 1,844
Power Consumption (Cable Size) 20 KVA (Min 6SQ)
Air Flow Rate 120-150 Liter/Min

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