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Hanwha Machinery America has introduced the XD32/38II Swiss-type lathe with bar capacity up to 38 mm (1.50\" diameter) at the main and sub spindle. More tool positions and additional machining capabilities are the highlight of this new machine series.

Hanwha XD38HII

Six leveling pads under the base of the single piece casting equally support the load under the headstock, the guide bushing housing and the full casting supporting the sub spindle at its fully retracted position. A centrally located oversized guide bushing housing is intended to ensure process stability in heavy cutting conditions for tough materials. Two sets of angular contact bearings provide support and accuracy in the guide bushing assembly. The XD38II machine weighs 9,500 lbs.

The Hanwha XD38II main spindle is powered by a 10 HP, 8,000 RPM FANUC integral spindle motor. Wye-delta technology is utilized to produce high torque over a wide RPM range.

The XD38II is equipped with five .625\" square O.D. turning tool stations and five ER-16 cross mill / drill units on the main cross slide. The five cross milling units have an 8,000 RPM capacity. There are five front / back facing ER-20M I.D. tool positions on the main tool stand. Two off-center front facing ER-16 mill / drill units are mounted next to the sub-spindle.

The eight position back working station includes four ER-16 mill / drill units and four static I.D. positions. Y2-Axis control provides a 2.835\" stroke to position the eight tools. Sub spindle off-center machining, eccentric milling and cross drilling / milling with an optional attachment are now possible.

All mill / drill stations are gear driven and 1.5 HP. All stations are equipped with rigid tapping. The XD38HII has a total of 30 tool positions.

An optional B-axis tool post allows for angular milling and drilling to be performed with 1/1,000° positioning. Four-axis synchronous machining is standard for contour milling.

Both the main and sub spindle have C-axis control and rigid tapping as a standard feature. Simultaneous turning and machining on the main and sub spindle can be performed by utilizing the Hanwha / FANUC 32i-B Two-Path Control.

The user friendly Hanwha Custom Pages and Graphics in the CNC control assist in the machine set-up process, programming and work eject routines. A tool load monitoring system is standard.

The ergonomic design of the Hanwha XD series machines allows for easy access to the tool area for set-up and adjustment with a large door at the operator side and a removable panel on the opposite side of the machine\'s large work area.

The 11 mill / drill units, parts conveyor, 3-color tower light, coolant flow sensor, power driven back working station, set of ER-20M tool holders, ER collet set and crash protection are all standard features on the XD38II.

Parts in the .500\" to 1.500\" diameter range can be machined complete on the Hanwha XD38II, eliminating secondary milling or drilling operations. According to the company, cycle times are usually 30% to 40% faster when compared to conventional fixed headstock lathes.

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